Christmas and New Year is a wonderful time for families to get together and for different generations to enjoy spending quality time with each other. It may be one of the few opportunities during the year to do this as many of us move around and settle in different parts of the country or the world.

But, spending time with your elderly loved ones,  especially if it may have been some time since you were last together, you may have noticed a change in the way they were coping with things. Perhaps a slower or more forgetful? Maybe struggling with the stairs or the house not as clean and tidy? They may have said or done things that caused you concern.

It can be a shock sometimes to realise our parents or grandparents are getting older and may not be able to cope with everyday life in the way they used to.

Now you are back at home and back to work, you may find yourself thinking the following with some concern about what you have seen and heard. But if you are already trying to juggle work with family life and me-time where are you going to find the time to manage these increasing care needs as well.

What should I do now my parents aren’t coping?

How do I start the conversations so that I do not undermine their pride and dignity?

What help and support are available and how do I know if it is appropriate?

How will care and support be funded?

If you are trying to juggle working and caring for elderly relatives with increasing care needs, then we can support you. Contact us for a FREE fact-finding conversation.

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