About Sunrise Care Advisers

Sunrise Care Advisers provides support and care advice to help you manage the increasing care needs of elderly relatives. We reduce your burden of stress when you’re trying to deal with important issues relating to health, care, financial or legal matters.

We’ve been there. We fully understand the challenges you’re facing and that’s why we do what we do. Our aim is for your loved ones to continue to have a great quality of life, and for you to be able to spend time together, which is enjoyable, memorable and stress-free.

  • Juggling a demanding career, family life, ‘me time’ and care support for an elderly relative?
  • Feeling stressed when it comes to looking for care services and providers?
  • Finding it difficult to understand the social care system and funding options?
  • Struggling to get your family’s voice heard, and your wishes respected and acted upon?
  • Worried about meetings with loved ones and service providers, when you can’t be there?

If you’re in need of care advice and support for a loved one, please call 0116 430 0230 or email: enquiries@sunrisecareadvisers.co.uk

“As Owner and Lead Care Adviser, I have first-hand experience when it comes to trying to navigate through the complexities of the health and social care system. Before I created Sunrise Care Advisers, I had 15 years of experience liaising with local authorities, such as social services and the NHS, and professional firms, such as solicitors and financial advisers, on behalf of elderly family members and friends.

I founded Sunrise Care Advisers because I realised just how difficult and daunting life can become for older people, especially when they are widowed or have no close family or friends living nearby. With over 25 years of management experience working in the public and private sectors, I’m fully aware of the gaps and pitfalls of policies and procedures, which can hinder people’s lives.

I have an in-depth understanding of The Care Act 2014 and an Independent Advocacy qualification. My aim is to provide families with a caring, supportive, patient and calm approach to help them make the right care decisions for their loved ones.”

Joanne Warren, Owner & Lead Care Adviser

Sunrise Care Advisers provides support and care advice to help you navigate through the care system, so you can manage the care needs of elderly relatives.

Our Promise

We will…

  • Listen to you
  • Support you
  • Be there when you can’t be
  • Provide independent information and advice
  • Ensure your rights, views and wishes are respected

We won’t…

  • Doubt you or your desired outcome
  • Try to influence you or make your decision for you
  • Try to persuade you to do what others wish you to do
  • Speak when you want to speak for yourself
  • Accept any offer that might compromise our independence
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