This month, I have a guest blog from Dawn Rowley, a professional organizer (The Organised Assistant) who runs her own business. In her blog, she shares how some of her work involves helping people ease the stress of a later-life move.

We all know moving house is stressful, yet when it occurs later in life, often after retirement, as a result of declining health and mobility or following the loss of a loved one, the worries and concerns about moving can become overwhelming.

Downsizing Moves
A downsizing move is both physically and emotionally demanding, and whilst the decision to downsize may involve discussions with family members, they may not always be available to commit the time needed to support you fully when the time comes with all the preparation that will be required so planning as far ahead as possible is essential especially if you haven’t moved for many years.

Our homes are full of furniture, belongings, and memories accumulated over decades, so deciding what to keep and what to let go of is a challenging task.

I offer a hands-on, flexible support package covering all aspects of a downsizing move. Below are some tips that should be considered to ensure a stress-free move.

● Decluttering is essential in readiness for a downsizing move, so ensure you start this well in advance.
● Go on a tour of your home room by room and discover what’s actually in there, including the loft, garage, and shed. Ask for help with harder-to-reach areas like the loft.
● Consider what furniture and belongings you want to offer to family and friends,
i.e. if you are moving to a retirement apartment without a garden, who may benefit from your unwanted lawn mower and garden furniture?
● Identify if there are items you can sell on local selling sites or through an auction.
● Review your clothes, as it is likely you have items you no longer wear or that don’t fit anymore

● Arrange charity donations. This can often be done by arranging collections from your home, but always check with your local charity about what they will accept.

When it is time to move

● Make final decisions about what furniture to take and work out will fit in your new home.
● Arrange removal surveys.
● Book house clearance to clear bulky items and other unwanted items, avoid hiring a skip as this is often not the most efficient method of disposing of unwanted stuff.
● Start to prepare change of address paperwork.

As a Professional Organizer specialising in downsizing and relocations, I have helped many clients and their families with planning a move, from decluttering to support on move day with unpacking and settling into the new home. Every client and move is different, so a full consultation is essential to establish what support package is required.

Moves to care and the need to sell the home

This is undoubtedly an emotional journey for the whole family, and the challenge of making arrangements for clearing and selling the family home is not to be underestimated. I offer a sensitive, hands-on approach to clearing a home and often work with families to take the stress off their shoulders, allowing them to focus on settling their loved ones into care.

To book a consultation, please call Dawn on 07854 669807 or email me at

Full details on my website

Client testimonials can be provided on request. I am an affiliate member of SOLLA, DBS checked and insured through Westminster Insurance; full details can be provided.

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