“Millions of people in England are underestimating the cost of paying for a care home place – potentially putting some at risk of financial problems or struggling to get good quality care in later life, according to Which? research.” ¹

Would you know what you or a loved one might need to pay for Care at Home (Domiciliary Care) or Residential Care?

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When the consumer champion asked people to estimate the cost of a private nursing home place in their region, more than half (55%) came up with a figure that fell short of the average cost by about £12,000/year (see table below)

Although most of us will live in our own homes until the end of our life. There are more than 400,000 people in the UK living in residential and nursing care homes. Of these, almost half pay for care themselves the term used is “Self-Funder”.

If you are a “Self-Funder” then you may face care bills of more than £100,000.

Currently, self-funding residents are paying a premium of £1 billion a year to make up for a shortfall in council fees as care home fees generally continue to rise, (according to care industry experts LaingBuisson)

1 https://press.which.co.uk/whichpressreleases/millions-underestimating-cost-of-care-with-average-shortfall-of-12k-a-year/

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